UNCG Gerontology Alumni

Meet several alumni of the UNCG Gerontology Program who have given permission to display their interests and accomplishments.

UNCG Gerontology Program Alumni are invited to submit to a small headshot photo of yourself, a brief statement of your current gerontology-related job or projects, along with specific permission to post your information here.

Katie Thompson

May 2015 Katherine (Katie) Thompson graduated with an M.S. in Gerontology after completion of her internship at Greensboro's Smith Senior Center and a UNCG Gerontology Graduate Assistantship. Katie is on the Administrative Support staff for the CEO, Operations Manager, Social Worker and Program Director at Circle Center Adult Day Services in Richmond, VA. She is updating marketing publications, Medicaid documentation, and compiling statistics for USDA reports.
Elise Eifert

Elise Eifert

December 2014, Elise Eifert received a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gerontology while pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health Education at UNCG.

Eifert received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and her Master’s degree in Health Promotion from Indiana University. After graduation, she spent 4 years in Florida working as an Alzheimer’s disease educator before returning to school to pursue her doctorate. Her research focus is on increasing family caregiver’s utilization of support services. Specifically, Eifert is interested in the transition to the caregiver role and caregiver identity.
Eifert is Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Health Promotion at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.
Lynda Charles

Lynda Charles

May 2014 Lynda Charles graduated with a Master of Science degree in Gerontology. “As a result of the experiences I acquired through volunteering and internships -- in particular at the City of Greensboro Smith Senior Center -- I was hired a month before graduation as the newest and youngest Senior Center Manager for Galveston Parks and Senior Services in La Marque, TX. Responsible for managing programs and operations for the Senior Center, I supervise two full-time employees and work closely with the Senior Services Supervisor. "

"Receiving the UNCG Gerontology Program Phelps Family Award restored confidence in my abilities. I am eternally and especially grateful for professors Dr. Janice Wassel and Dr. Rebecca Adams for awakening my inner Gerontologist and providing me with the guidance and support I needed throughout the duration of the program. Jennie Matkins and Teania Jackson were the best preceptors I could have possibly had for an internship. And I will forever be in debt to the Smith Senior Center because of the positive work environment I encountered there each day. As I wrote in my personal statement upon entrance to the UNCG Gerontology Program, ‘Aging is inevitable, yes, but how and what we do to facilitate the process makes all the difference’.” Visit Lynda Charles Google site at
Brycston Proctor

Bryceton Proctor

May 2014 Bryceton Proctor graduated with a M.S. in Gerontology. “Older adults have given so much to me through their life accomplishments that I in turn should work to help them age in the best possible manner. My interests in gerontology are health care policy and long term care financing.” Bryceton Proctor began work toward his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts in August 2014.

Jessica Stafford

May 2014 Jessica Stafford graduated with a Certificate in Gerontology in May 2014 and is working as a Marketing Assistant at Well-Spring Retirement Community in Greensboro, NC. Jessie “was originally drawn to gerontology in high school when I worked as a receptionist at a retirement home. I loved my job because I was able to hear all of the residents stories and connect with them. Ever since I have been working and volunteering with elders.”

Tarik Glenn

May 2013 Tarik Glenn graduate with an M.S. in Gerontology. “I chose the dual MBA/MS to refine my knowledge of complex global business operations, expand and build upon core leadership competencies, learn how to skillfully manage resources to remain competitive, and become aware of how to effectively recognize and address the needs of aging and older consumers. Upon completion of the program, I focus on project management, performance and quality measures, training and assessment of employees, and the management of service delivery standards. I will continue to use the knowledge gained through the gerontology program to broaden my consciousness as it relates to opportunities for universal product and service design, inclusiveness of all communities, and collaborating to successfully care for aging adults.”

Rachel Wonderlin

May 2013 Rachael Wonderlin graduated with a M.S. in Gerontology. Since graduation she has enjoyed several employment opportunities and in April 2014 accepted a position as Memory Care Program Coordinator at Clare Bridge of Burlington in Burlington, NC. Wonderlin manages CNAs, plans events for the Clare Bridge residents, and provides tours to prospective families.

Sarah Johnson

May 2012 Sarah Johnson graduated with a M.S. in Gerontology. During her summer of 2011 Sarah enjoyed a practical experience at Carol Woods, a CCRC noted for it’s promotion of inclusivity allowing residents to experience their independence, even with a diagnosis of dementia. “A strong team mentality exists by working in the ‘homes’ of the residents, rather than at a facility, which made Carol Woods a fantastic learning environment.” Johnson worked primarily with the Life Enrichment team including a Gerontologist, a Recreational Therapist and an Activities Professional, all of whom designed and implemented creative activities that residents enjoyed. Sarah also earned a B.A. in Recreational Therapy from UNCG.
Soo Hyung Kim

Soo Hyung Kim

December 2011 Soo Hyung Kim graduated with a Master of Science in Gerontology with an Aging & Business Concentration. His previous experiences included responsibilities for operating educational programs, organizing aging seminars, participating in research projects, and publishing about aging issues in Korea. Kim currently is working as Research Associate at the Seongnam Senior Experience Complex. As a Gerontologist, he contributes in developing aging convergence models into Korea, the fastest aging country in the world.

Kimberly Miller-McDowell

May 2011 Kimberly A. Miller-McDowell graduated with a M.S. and a Certificate in Gerontology. Miller-McDowell is a Nutrition and Outreach Director for Randolph County Senior Adults (RSCA), the organization with which she performed her internship among leaders who value her many contributions. This organization aims to minimize confusion, reduce the number of agencies a consumer must contact to receive services, enhance individual choice, support informed decision-making, and increase the cost effectiveness of long-term support systems. Kimberly is excited about her opportunity to work with the RSCA to accomplish these goals.

Brittany Singhas

May 2011 Brittany Singhas graduated with a dual degree M.S. in Gerontology/MBA. After graduation she accepted a position as Davidson County Tennessee Regional Coordinator and also served as Service Coordinator at the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency. Singhas now serves as Project Manager at the MedStar Institute for Innovation in Washington, DC.

Toyosi Adeykeye

May 2010 Toyosi Adeykeye graduated with a Certificate in Gerontology and a Masters in Public Health from UNCG. He promptly accepted a Health Policy Leadership fellowship at The Satcher Health Leadership Institute in Atlanta, Georga. He is also a faculty member in the Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. Prior to his graduate studies at UNCG, “Ty” was a Research Associate with the North Carolina Health Literacy Counci, an Intern with Smoke Free Guilford Coalition, Medical Director at a Federal Low Cost Clinic and Medical Officer at a Nigerian Airforce Hospital.

Amanda May

August 2010 Amanda May graduated with a M.S. in Gerontology. Today she is Director of Accesss to Services for Senior Resources of Guilford, ensuring older adults and their caregivers obtain community services. She coordinates the Family Caregiver Support Program and supervises the Social Work Case Assistance Program and the SeniorLine Information and Referral Program.

Jill Yesko

May 2009 Jill Yesko graduated with a Certificate in Gerontology. She is a Program Coordinator with Community Health Integrated Partnership (CHIP) in Maryland. CHIP is a non-profit that provides essential business services and support to nine federally-qualified health care centers throughout Maryland. At CHIP, Jill is managing the Community HealthCorps of Maryland, the largest health-focused national AmeriCorps program that promotes health care for America’s undeserved. She is also managing CHIP’s social media and participating in its web and online communications development.

Misty Wolfe

May 2007 Misty Wolfe’s graduated with a M.S. in Gerontology. Administrators with the Randolph County School system (her employer and placement site for her first internship on grandparents raising grandchildren) were so impressed by Misty’s internship accomplishments and passion for community outreach, they hired her as a counselor. Misty’s other interests include faith community outreach to older adults. For her second internship, she taught an inaugural course in ministry to older adults at John Wesley College in High Point.

Pat Cleary

December 2006 Pat Cleary graduated with a Certificate in Gerontology. Today Pat engages his skills as Program Director at River Landing within the Adult Center for Enrichment, a non-profit adult day health center serving 50 people from age 27 to 95. Sixty percent of their clients have dementia. Forty percent have other frailties such as mental impairments, developmental disabilities or are recovering from stroke.
Erin Russell

Erin Russell

December 2006 Erin Russell graduated with an M.S. in Gerontology. Today she is Senior Research Associate with the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services (NC DAAS). While working in community services for a continuing care retirement community in Chapel Hill, she began work on an MS in Gerontology which she completed in December 2006. Her interests in policy and advocacy led to her successful application for a Somers Internship in Long Term Care with the National Academy of Social Insurance for the summer of 2006. She was placed with the Institute for the Future of Aging Services in Washington, DC. As part of Erin’s current work with NC DAAS, she has substanial responsibilities for preparation of the state aging services plan and related planning documents.

Syble Solomon

May 1990 Syble Solomon, Founder of Lifewise, graduated with a Certificate in Gerontology. In 2001, she returned to teach Life Planning for the Third Age, a graduate course to prepare students for a future of successful aging for themselves, their employees and their clients.
Syble is Founder/Speaker/Consultant with LifeWise and creator of Money Habitudes. While at UNCG, Syble received the Association of Higher Education in Gerontology Award, and in 2006 she was honored with the Mary Ellen Edmundson Educator of the Year Award from the Association of Financial Counseling and Financial Planning. Read what Syble is up to at

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