GROWTH Participants

The UNCG Gerontology Research, Outreach, Workforce, & Teaching Hub (GROWTH) is a cooperative group of UNCG faculty affiliates (listed below) who facilitate and support transdisciplinary aging-related education and outreach across our campus and community.

  • Additional UNCG faculty currently engaged in aging-related research are invited to contact UNCG Gerontology Coordinator Rebecca Adams, PhD, to inquire about participation.
  •  All others —  including community members  —  interested in UNCG GROWTH Lunch & Learn events are welcome to e-mail your contact information (name, job title and organizational affiliation if relevant, address, city, state, and zip code) to Brenda Jones so we may e-mail future GROWTH invitations to you. 

Adams, Rebecca, PhD Gerontology Program 1. Friendship of older adults
2. Music and aging
Auman, Corinne, PhD Gerontology Program 1. Senior housing advising and consulting services 336-215-1664 (C)
336-790-9883 (O)
Bedini, Leandra, PhD, LRT/CTRS Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation 1. Leisure and health of family caregivers of older adults
2. Leisure of girls and woman with disabilities
Carroll, Gregory, PhD School of Music, Theater and Dance 1. Music and aging 336-334-5461
Daniel, Anne Off Campus 1. Medical insurance
2. Medicare
3. Medicaid
DeBrew, Jacqueline, PhD, MSN, RN School of Nursing, Community Practice 1. Topics Dealing with Health and Older Adults
2. Community Dwelling for Older Adults
Eddy, James, D.Ed. Public Health Education 1. Worksite Health Promotion
2. Health Behavior Theory
Etnier, Jennifer, PhD Kinesiology 1. Physical activity for slowing age-related cognitive decline and prevention of dementia
2. Physical activity and cognitive function in older adults
Fitzsimmons, Suzanne School of Nursing 1. Geriatric nursing 336-740-5904
Green, Nancy, PhD Dept. of Computer Science 1. Computer assistance for caregivers of persons with dementia
2. Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to human-human and human-computer communication in healthcare and education.
3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for patient-tailored information in clinical genetics
4. Advanced technology for training caregivers to communicate more effectively with elderly persons with dementia
Ha, Young-Tai Senior Citizen Support Division 1. International issues in aging
Hwang, Jiyoung, PhD Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Bryan School of Business & Marketing 1. Older consumers’ consumption behavior
2. Healthy/risk behaviours (e.g. organic food, smoking, etc.)
3. Prosocial behaviours (e.g. sharing economy, pro-environmental behaviors, etc.)
Karper, William, Ed.D. Exercise and Sport Science 1. Effects of exercise and wellness programming on chronic rheumatological pain conditions, especially in older adults with a focus on fibromyalgia polymyalgia rheumatic and chronic fatigue. 336-334-3035
Kennedy-Malone, Laurie, PhD, RN, GNP-BC, FAGHE, FAANP, FGSA Community Practice 1. Gerontological Nursing 336-334-5012
Lekan, Deborah, PhD, RN-BC Community and Family Health School of Nursing 1. Gerontology
2. Frailty and resilience
3. Cardiovascular disease
919-593-0649 (C)
336-256-0573 (O)
Letvak, Susan, PhD, RN School of Nursing, Community Practice 1. Aging of Registered Nurses (RN)
2. Geriatrics
Lundgren, Kristine, Sc.D. Communication Sciences and Disorders 1. Cognitive-linguistic disorders in adults with acquired traumatic brain injury (TBI)
2. Right hemisphere damage (RHD) in adults
3. Complementary alternative approaches to treating communication disorders and narrative and discourse impairments in individuals with acquired brain injury.
Onishi, Tamaki, PhD Political Science 1. Advisor for the Nonprofit Management Certificate 336-256-0523
Perlman, Daniel, PhD Human Development and Family Studies 1. Close relationships in older adults 336-334-9843
Poole, Jay, PhD, MSW Dept. of Social Work 1. Mental Health and Aging
2. Clinical Social Work with Older Adults
3. Community based aging services and mental health in aging
Powers, Meredith, PhD, MSW Dept. of Social Work 1. Congregational social work with older adults
2. Self-care for social work students working with older adults
Rife, John, PhD, ACSW School of Human Environmental Sciences 1. Employment and aging
2. Community partnerships and aging services
3. Gerontology policy
Ross, Brenda, MS, RD, LDN Nutrition 1. Nutrition 336-334-5081 work
336-416-5941 cell
Rueppell, Olav, PhD Dept. of Biology 1. Biology of aging
2. Model organisms
3. Behavioral senescence
4. Genetics/Genomics
5. Biodemography
Shreeniwas, Sudha, PhD Dept of. Human Development & Family Studies 1. Family relationships and health among immigrant minority elders
2. Aging in India
Sills, Stephen, PhD Sociology 1. Aging and housing 336-944-6145
Sink, Patricia, PhD School of Music 1. Music and aging
2. Music-related hearing loss
Touron, Dayna, PhD Dept. of Psychology 1. Cognitive aging
2. Cognitive strategy use and skill acquisition in older adults
3. Metacognition influences on older adults cognition
Tullar, William, PhD Bryan School of Business & Economics 1. Misbehavior of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) 336-334-4526
Yoon, Jaesam Disability Welfare Policy Division 1. International issues in aging
2. Aging and disability policy research



(GROWTH participants list updated May 10, 2017.)