UNCG Gerontology Program

School of Health and Human Sciences

The Gerontology Minor has been reduced to 12 hours starting fall 2020 (no double-dipping with major). The gerontology website and university catalog have been updated to reflect this change.

Have you considered minoring in Gerontology?

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 88.5 million Americans will be 65 or older by 2050. Compare that to 40.3 million for that age group in 2010.

By studying the physical, mental, and social aspects of aging, you will be better prepared for your chosen career and for your own future.

In the current political climate where age and generation are issues and during this COVID-19 crisis where older adults are among the vulnerable, knowing about aging will help you make a difference now.

The Gerontology Minor consists of 12 hours of courses:

GRO 201 Envisioning YOUR Old Age (3 hours)

3 3-hour electives not to be counted towards your major (see pre-approved list at https://gerontology.wp.uncg.edu/degrees/gerontologyminor/, but note additional gerontology electives are offered periodically)

Gerontology Courses to be offered Fall 2020*

BIO 425 Biological Clocks (M, 3:30 pm-6:20 pm)

Contact John Lepri (jjlepri@uncg.edu) to discuss necessary background preparation before registering)

CST 460-04 Lifespan Communication and Aging

Requires override by r_adams@uncg.edu to count as elective

CSD 487 Adult Language Disorders (online)

CTR 314 Recreation Services with Underrepresented Groups (MW, 2-3:15 pm)

GRO 201 Envisioning YOUR Old Age (the only required course for the minor)

-01, M, 6-8:50 pm
-02, online

GRO 400x Baby Boomers (online)

Students must toggle to at credit at 3 hours when they register or it will not be properly credited on their transcripts.

HDF 211 Human Development across the Lifespan

-01 TR, 12:30-1:45 pm
-02 MWF, 11-11:50 am
-03, TR, 3:30-4:45 pm

HDF 304 Adult Development and Aging (online)

To Learn More about Gerontology

Visit gerontology.wp.uncg.edu
Listen to Elise Eifert (Graduate Coordinator) and Rebecca Adams (Undergraduate Coordinator) welcome you to a career in gerontology
Learn why gerontology is a growing field
Read the mission of the gerontology program
Click on a link for more information about the undergraduate minor (or for some on the MS or PBC in Gerontology)
Hear about the jobs available in the field of aging (https://gerontology.wp.uncg.edu/jobs/)
Send a request to join the UNCG Gerontology Facebook group where you can read posts by students, alumni, faculty, and community partners including job posts, internship possibilities, community events, and interesting articles on older adults