UNCG Gerontology Program

School of Health and Human Sciences

After discussing options with the GROWTH Faculty Executive Committee, we have decided to cancel the GROWTH reception previously scheduled for April 22. We do want all GROWTH faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners to know how much we appreciate you, all you do normally, and all you are doing in the face of these extraordinary circumstances. Our thoughts are especially with those who are coping with COVID-19 personally and with those who are working in positions that put them at personal risk.

If you have the time and mental energy, Dr. Adams would really appreciate it if you would send a brief account of any research, teaching, or service projects in which you have engaged since last April 1 that were facilitated by GROWTH or were in collaboration with its members or UNCG gerontology students. Please send this information to r_adams@uncg.edu by April 27 so she can include it in our annual report and request for funding.

We are also tentatively planning to have a reception for all members of GROWTH in late September in lieu of the one we cancelled for next week. We will announce that date later. Hopefully we will be able to host it at a local restaurant but if not we will host a zoom meeting with break out rooms (each hosted by a community partner). If you are a community partner and interested in hosting a break out room if we do a zoom meeting, please let Dr. Adams know via email to r_adams@uncg.edu.

Dr. Adams would like to thank the members of the GROWTH Faculty Executive Committee for their service this year. Frances Bottenberg, Noah Lenstra, Jiyoung Hwang, and Laurie Kennedy-Malone will continue to serve next year. Jennifer Etnier, who has served on the GROWTH Executive Committee since its inception, will be replaced by Jaclyn Maher beginning next fall. The Executive Committee is grateful to both of them. We would also like to thank Beverly Lucas, who has provided staff assistance to GROWTH for the last couple of years, and to welcome CharIetha Jordan, who will be providing support as we move forward. We would be remiss not to thank Vice Chancellor Terry Shelton for continuing to fund GROWTH through UNCG’s Office of Research and Engagement.