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Meet several of our current students who have given permission to share their interests.

Dana Graefe graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Business Fundamentals in May 2015. She's now pursing the Master's in Gerontology with a concentration in Aging and Business.

During her four years at UConn, three were spent working part-time at the physical therapy clinic on campus, where one of her tasks was helping with the Parkinson's exercise group that met weekly. Her interaction with the older adults in that class, and classes at UConn led her to pursue the Master's in Gerontology.

"With my Master's, my goal is to work for a company, organization, or at a continuing care community on the administrative side. I have interests in servicing older adults in understanding the financial side of aging, providing necessary knowledge of the aging population to the company I work for, and in developing and implementing new policies for older adults. Overall I hope to help older adults age successfully."

Dana Graefe -- entered August 2016
Jennifer ShoreJennifer Shore is pursuing a Minor in Gerontology at UNCG, planning to graduate in May 2018.

"Majoring in Social Work, I was thrilled when UNCG began offering the Gerontology minor! This allows students to become knowledgeable about older adults; realizing they are fun, diverse, and a blast to be around!

Working in the aging adult field for many years — currently with the NC Baptist Aging Ministry — I see so many elderly population needs unmet. The first step in creating new resources is awareness through education. 

By the year 2025, one in five North Carolinians will be age 65 or over. Help is needed in every field imaginable. What great job security… and opportunities! “
Stephen H. SimpsonStephen Simpson graduated from Eastern Illinois University obtaining a B.A. in Psychology with minors in Business Administration as well as Communication Studies May 2016.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL Stephen moved 11 hours away from home to further his education here at UNCG. His passion for older adults is due to his late grandfather who had Alzheimer's Disease. Stephen currently holds an interest in Advocacy. "I hope one day my voice can inspire individuals to support elders all around the world."

Stephen Simpson -- entered August 2016
Ana HerreraAna Herrera graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Gerontology in 2014. She has worked with older adults since she graduated, focusing in the multicultural aspect of aging.

Ana is now pursuing a Masters in Gerontology and a Nonprofit Management Certificate. She works at Senior Resources of Guilford as the coordinator of the Refugee Outreach Program. "My dream is to open a multicultural senior center, therefore I decided to go back to school and pursue a Master's Degree."

Ana Herrera — entered August 2016
Ronqeiya LutherRonqeiya Luther "chose to pursue a degree in Gerontology because of my love for the elderly. My first job was a certified nursing assistant in the memory care unit."

"After working with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and their families for a few moments I knew that I wanted to work with them for the rest of my life. I am interested in serving underrepresented populations affected by Alzheimer's disease. My future goal is receive my PhD in Public Health Education. One day I plan to open my own memory care facility."

She is the first recipient of the Nancy Edmunds Hannah Award in Gerontology, which supports a gerontology student who interested in working with persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Ronqeiya Luther -- entered August 2016
Elizabeth ThomasElizabeth Thomas graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child, Youth, and Family Development and also a minor in Psychology in May 2017. She now is pursing a Master's in Gerontology.

While in undergraduate school she worked one on one with older adult volunteers and low income individuals in the Winston Salem area. Her interactions with this community and with classes at UNCG lead her to purse the Master's in Gerontology.

Now she works part-time at North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM); assisting aging adults 65+ in all 100 counties of North Carolina in ways that help them maintain their independence and enjoy quality of life. Her goal is to work in a Hospice/Palliative Care Center and help families transition in those hard times nearing a death of a loved one.
Current UNCG Gerontology students are welcome to send:

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