UNCG Gerontology Program

School of Health and Human Sciences


UNCG Gerontology Students

Current UNCG Gerontology students are welcome to send:
1- your "headshot" photo and
2- 2 to 3 brief sentences of your aspirations, plus
3- your explicit permission for us to post those three items here.
Email all three items to cljordan@uncg.edu.
We look forward to highlighting you here!

Amanda Haefner
I plan to pursue a journey as a gerontechnologist, integrating consumer technology into the lives of older adults in the pursuit of a better, easier, and more joyful aging journey. Using technology to connect us, whether with a healthcare professional, family member, or online gaming friend not yet met, is something I believe can change our world for the better. Older adults have everything they need to adopt these tools, and I plan to connect people with the right options for them.

Jacqueline Sinicrope
I’m excited about the opportunities that a career in aging will provide. As a Geriatric Care Manager, I’ll be able to effectively assess and meet the needs of older adults and caregivers in my community. I also look forward to contributing to the research and knowledge base, as well as positively representing and promoting the field of Gerontology.

Jacqueline began her MS in Gerontology in 2020.

Amanda Gordon-Redmon
I would like to become an Advocate to assist older adults and their caregivers with getting access to the services they need. I am also interested in creating policies that would close the gaps in health disparities among the aging population.

Amanda entered the Gerontology Masters Program in 2020.