UNCG Gerontology Program

School of Health and Human Sciences

Mirae Asset Global Investment — one of the world’s most prominent emerging market investors and one of Asia’s largest independent financial services groups — recently interviewed UNCG Gerontology Program Associate Professor Janice Wassel, PhD for her views on global responses to an aging society.

“Using some of the models that Baby Boomers are trending towards in employment, caregiving, grand-parenting, volunteering, exercises and spirituality may moderate potential generational tension working towards some of the economic issues that could be forthcoming. On the other hand, I tend to think any negatives will be overcome by the innovations of a multi-generational workforce and retention of the organizational knowledge of older workers remaining in the workforce being shared.  Additionally, innovations that were created and marketed for the Baby Boomers’ — since they were babies and children — will continue through old age.  Moreover, new technologies … will improve the quality of life for all regardless of age.

Old age should not be dismissed as an accounting of the costs of aging; but one where elderhood is understood by society;  that older adults contribute to the community, to the caring and acculturation of children, the wisdom and stewardship to others and society, and yes at some point, needing assistance from others. For this pure reciprocal relationship, older adults must feel needed and wanted as contributing members of their society. That is our challenge, isn’t it!

Here is a translation of the interview.

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